Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"A Sound of Thunder" Study Guide

You are responsible for turning this document in, completed, on the day your Selection Test is given (TBD). 
You MUST have this study guide with you as we're reading in class. 
You have three options:

1. Download and print this document on your own (at home or in the school library - on your own time).
2. Recreate this document by copying it by hand.
3. Download the document, bring your laptop or tablet to class, and type in the answers as we go over them.

Sound of Thunder Study Guide

Freytag's Pyramid: Plot Structure (Class Notes 10/26/11)

Plot Focus 1

10/26/11 Homework: 
Create a complete plot structure for a sitcom (situational comedy) or crime show.

Must include the title of the show on your plot structure. Be prepared to share.

Ex: Martin, House of Pain, Law & Order, etc.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Ray Bradbury: "Love What You Do and Do What You Love."

A great interview with one of the most prolific science fiction writers of our time.

10/11/11 Classwork: 
Complete K-W-L Chart on Ray Bradbury:

Knowledge gained from reading the author study on pg. 67 of your Language of Literature textbook.

If Mr. Bradbury were sitting with you at a coffee shop, what questions would you ask him about his life, and what inspires him to read and write?

While watching the video above, write down the answers to your questions in the "W" column, along with any other key information about his life. 

After watching the video, post a comment (or tweet mentioning @TottenEnglish) about what you learned/quotes that stood out to you, and leave links to other sources that may teach us more about Ray Bradbury. 
*up to 5 points extra credit*