Class Rules & Procedures

*The foundation of our rules and procedures is RESPECT.*

Class Rules

  1. Come to class on time.
  2. Follow directions the first time they're given.
  3. Come to class prepared with all needed materials in your possession.
  4. Come to class ready to contribute, not to take away.
  5. Respect yourself, the members of our community, and our environment at all times.
  6. Keep ALL electronics in the off/silent position and in your bag or pocket, unless the teacher instructs you to use them.
  7. Mrs. Totten controls when food/drinks are consumed.
     *In Mrs. Totten's absence all rules must continue to be acknowledged and followed.*

Routines & Procedures
  1. Be in your seat BEFORE the bell sounds.
  2. Never ask the teacher if there's a warm-up. There's a warm-up everyday.
  3. Accept responsibility for the choices you make.
  4. If I am working 1:1 with another student, DO NOT come up to me or call my name. Please wait until we're finish.
  5. DO NOT raise your hand while someone is speaking - please wait until he/she is finished.
  6. No one is allowed to go to the bathroom during the first and last 20 mins of class.
  7. If it's nearing the end of class and the teacher is still instructing DO NOT start packing up your things.
  8. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
  9. If you need to leave the class for any reason, you MUST sign out and sign back.
  10. If you need a pencil/pen, paper, etc. ask 3 other people BEFORE you ask the teacher.
  11. DO NOT come to the teacher's desk unless you are invited.
  12. If you're feeling sleepy during class, without disturbing anyone, take a quick walk around the classroom, then return to your work. Don't give in! You will earn an infraction if you do.
  13. If you see trash near you (even if it's not your's) please throw it away.
  14. If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up.
  15. During small group, stay with your group at ALL times.
  16. Transition between station quickly and quietly.
  17. Greet the teacher when you enter the classroom.
  18. Make eye contact when you are speaking with someone.
  19. You may bring a bottle of water to class, you may not leave for a drink of water.
  20. Respect other student's comments, opinions, and ideas. If you disagree, you must say, "I respectfully disagree".
  21. Always say "Thank You" when given something.
  22. Do not ask for a reward.
  23. When a substitute teacher is present ALL class rules still apply. Give him/her the same respect you would give Mrs. Totten.
  24. Stand up for what you believe in.
  25. Learn from your mistakes and move on. 
  26. If you want to borrow a book from the class library you must sign it out with Mrs. Totten.