English Core Learning Goals & Standards for Written Assignments

⇒ Goal 1: 
The student will demonstrate the ability to respond to a
text by employing personal experiences and critical analysis.
⇒ Goal 2: 
The student will demonstrate the ability to compose in a
variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms
and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and
⇒ Goal 3: 
The student will demonstrate the ability to control
language by applying the conventions of standard English in
writing and speaking.
⇒ Goal 4:
 The student will demonstrate the ability to evaluate the
content, organization and language use of texts.
Classwork, Homework and Informal Writing Assignments
  1. Write legibly.
  2. Use only loose-leaf notebook paper.
  3. Correct mistakes with white-out or a single line through the word(s).
  4. Place your heading on the left side at the top of the paper. The title of the assignment should be in the center of the paper. 
  5. Use blue or black ink for written assignments such as paragraphs, essays, brief constructed responses (BCR’s), and extended constructed responses (ECR’s) 
  6. Use pencil or ink for classwork assignments, notes, worksheets, homework, and short quizzes.
  7. Indent paragraphs.

Class Period

How to Head My Paper in Class

It is very important to head my papers correctly in English class. If I do not follow the guidleines guidelines given, it will make the job much more difficult for my teacher. Following the guidelines also shows that I am taking pride in my work. I will always present my best work to my teacher.
Formal Writing Assignments
  1. Write on every other line of loose-leaf notebook paper for formal assignments. Double space typed assignments.
  2. Write on only one side of the paper.
  3. Do not abbreviate words in a formal paper. 
  4. Do not use symbols in your writing. (Ex. Use and instead of &
  5. Number pages after the first page in the right side margin of the paper.
  6. Provide a cover sheet for research papers, projects and major papers.
  7. Follow MLA Manuscript Guidelines for research report writing
     [See page 1164–Documenting Sources and pages 1165-1166 – MLA 
      Documentation of the Writer’s Handbook section in Language of Literature]

Writing Expectations