Blogging Rules and Guidelines

*This will be updated as new challenges arise*

  1. NEVER Post Your Last Name or The Last Name of Other Students.
  2. Try Your Best to Use Correct Spelling and Grammar.
  3. Write Full Sentences. No "text talk."
  4. Always Accompany Your Post with an Appropriate Image That Relates To Your Post. (cite your source) 
  5. Write in a Conversational Tone. Your posts shouldn't sound like essays.
  6. Create "Attention Grabbing" Titles for Your Posts. 
  7. Get To The Point! Have A Purpose For Each Post.
  8. When Commenting On Other Blogs Give Constructive Criticism.
  9. Parents Who Leave Comments Are Asked Not To Use Last Names Either. Simply Post Comments as "Eboni's Mom" or "Byron's Father", etc. 
  10. Do Not Post Your Home or School Address, Phone Number, etc. (Thanks Isaiah!)
  11. If You Use Slang Terms You MUST Explain Them. Remember Our Friends In London May Use The Same Word But It Has a Totally Different Meaning. (Thanks Danyelle!)
  12. The 4P's Still Apply! Especially P #4 - Be Polite.
  13. If Anyone Posts Something Questionable On Your Blog Contact Mrs. Totten Immediately.
  14. Approve ALL Comments Before You Post Them. Comments must also follow rules and guidelines.

*This will be updated as new challenges arise*

  1. No use of profanity or other inappropriate language.
  2. No Plagiarizing. Always give your sources credit.
  3. No harassment or provoking anyone.