Thursday, February 10, 2011

How does THIS puppy feel about YOU??

Hey! Your blogs are pretty good, but let's make them GREAT!

Here's your blog checklist. Make sure you've done all these things. If your blog already has all these elements - guess what? You're ADVANCED *yaaayyyyy!!* 
If you're advanced click "read more" to make your blogs even MORE FABULOUS!! 


  • Add an avatar to your blog
  • Make sure EVERY post has a picture/image related to your post
  • Look on the sidebar of the class blog page and see if your blog is listed. If it's not there you MUST send me a message on edmodo stating: "Please add my blog ____________ (post a link to it) to your sidebar."
  • Change your background so that it fits with your blog's theme/personality.
  • CREATE A POST!  - your "Road" poem w/ a pic
  • CREATE A POST! - insert the videos (not links!) of your favorite Def Poets in the same post. 
  • CREATE 2 POSTS!! - about something in your life, a thought, opinion, realization, etc.  For Ex: "_____ Is The Best Team In The League" , "_______Is The Best TV Show" , "A Funny Thing Happened To Me At School Today", "Parents Just Don't Understand" *great post Elona!*, "Teachers Just Don't Understand" - YOU GET IT NOW!
*once you've done all these items, please move on to "advanced"*


  • Change your avatar's message to your readers
  • Add two "static" pages (pages w/info that will not change) to your blog - ex. About Me, People Who Inspire Me, Greatest Players of All Time, Fashion Inspiration, etc.         HOW TO: go to the design tab, click "posts", click the "edit pages" tab, create your page, take it from there...
  • Post a cool *appropriate* video. For example: *coolness starts at the :55 second mark*

  • Create 2 posts - each must be of a thought provoking pic (no explanation needed)   For example: 

  • Add the list of blogs you follow to the RIGHT sidebar. HOW TO: Go to the design tab, click "add a gadget" to the right sidebar, find "blog list"...figure it out from there :)
  • Google search popular blogs on topics that you're interested in. Follow them, and add them to your "blog list" on your sidebar.  For example: Search - "Best Gaming Blogs," Best Fashion Blogs," "Top Rated Skateboarding Blogs," "Top Celebrity Gossip Blogs"
  • Read a post from one of the new blogs you've found, post a comment on the post and leave a link to your blog.
  • Want MORE followers? Tweet the link to your blog and post the link to your blog in your facebook status :)
  • Create a post like this... 

Keep up the good work, and remember....


  1. im a beginner .but i will become ADVANCED!

  2. Mrs. Totten This Was Good, He thought he was tite Heyy Noww He Did That!1