Monday, November 28, 2011

Learning Style Challenge: Teach Us All About Verbs

Auditory Learners:
Pd. 1: 
"Linking Verbs in Paris"

To see more learning style projects read on...

Pd. 4 - "Verbs In The Sky"

Tactile Learners:
Pd. 1 - Inspirational Quotes for the Classroom Walls with Verbs Identified and Color Coded

*Can be used as an exit ticket: Students choose a quote from around the room, and identify the verbs and their classification.*

Pd. 3 - Origami Study Game
* 5 different skill levels !*

"The woman started to clap at the end of the performance." Identify the verbs in the sentence.
Name 2 action verbs that have more than 4 syllables.
"What tips do you need to look for to find an action verb?"
"What is the difference between linking and helping verbs?"
Pd. 4 - Inspirational Quotes for the Classroom Walls with Verbs Identified and Color Coded

Visual Learners
* Posters were created to appeal to elementary school students. Each poster will be donated to a local elementary school.*

Pd. 1 - Action Verbs

Pd. 3 - 
(Group A) - Helping Verbs

(Group B) - Action Verbs
Super Heroes vs. Super Villains
Lower level verbs vs. Higher level verbs

Pd. 4 - Action Verbs
Depicts an elementary school setting with higher level action verbs.
For example: building = constructing, reading = perusing, etc.

Kinesthetic Learners
Pd. 1 - "The Verb Tour" Group Relay Race

Location: The gymnasium
Materials: 18+ party bags, envelopes with questions/tasks that assess knowledge of verbs, poster paper

Set Up: Bags are set up in various spots around the gym and placed approximately five feet apart. 

Directions: Students are placed in two teams. One student from each team runs to the first bag and completes that task. Once the task is completed correctly, they're approved to go back to their team to tag the next teammate. This process continues until the last bag is complete. The team that completes all their tasks first wins!

Pd. 3 - Verb Sort Relay Race
Location: The gymnasium
Materials: Notecards, Poster Paper, and Tape

The class is broken into two groups. One person from each group must race to the half court line and pick up a card from the table. They must read the card and identify if the underlined word is an action, linking, or helping verb by placing it on the correct chart at the other end of the court. The teacher keeps score by placing an "X" by the students name if they get it wrong, and an "O" if they get it correct. The student then races back to their team to tag the next person. The team that has the most correct placements wins!

*Teachers may use this as an assessment!*

"I like to shake."
"John would like to distribute the toys."
"She is beautiful."

Pd. 4 - "Do It!" (The Verb Game)
Location: The gymnasium
Materials: Game cards, poster paper, bag

Directions: Students are placed in two teams. One student from each team picks a card out of a bag and must do the action before they do the assessment. For example: Card says: "2 sit-ups and 5 jumping jacks, then write an action verb." After the student does the action, they must race to the correct chart to write an action verb, then race back to their team to tag the next person. The team that finishes their tasks first wins!


  1. Great job students! I love how creative and aesthetically pleasing the presentations were for your verb project. Keep it up! ;-)
    -- Ms. Sanders
    English 10

  2. Since Im A Visual Learner, I Would Like For Something To Stick Out Visually Like The Bright Colored Origami Study Game. I Think Out Of The Projects Listed, This Would Probably Help Me Learn The Fastest.

    I Like How Period 4's Action Verb Project Is So Neat An Organized. I Also Thought They Made It, So Everyone From Lower Grades Can Learn From This And Thought That Was A Cool Idea.

    I Though The Selection Of The Quotes From Period For Were Also Cool, And Done Neat.

    For The First Video Of Period 1 I Liked How They Chose A Song That Was Currently Playing On The Radio, It Really Grabs A Viewers Attention. BUT I Kinda Didnt Like How They Didnt Put Any Emotion Into It, And It Ended Up Sounding Monotone.

    As For The Video For 4th Period, I Liked How They Put Emotion Into It And You Can Tell That They Had Fun Learning.

    For The 2 Physical Projects At The Bottom, I Cant Really Judge Them, Because I Actually Get To Participate.

    (Tyrone Koehler-Jones 4A/B) 1/19/2012