Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elie Wiesel's "Night": Building Background

This is an AMAZING interview. 

As we begin to analyze how style connects with an author's purpose and how it effects mood, think about the atrocities that Mr. Wiesel witnessed. 

In what type of tone would you write if you were in the author's shoes? Do you believe Wiesel lives with Survivor Guilt? (post a comment, and feel free to post your reflections from class)


  1. I do not think Elie Wiesel has Survivors Guilt there is no excuse to exterminate humans for the reason the Germans used. Here's the thing there was this group known as the Vrill society which Hitler was apart of they were of the Aryan race and supported Aryan supremacy.Hitler was brain washed and sent to do their bidding they claimed they had contact with other "worldly beings". He should not have survivors guilt. On the other hand since this was such a terrible catastrophe it makes anyone wonder what must one do to endure this type of punishment. Must one be guilty of something for one of the most terrible punishments of mankind?

    1. Langston, i'm not sure I understand your comment. Why do you feel Wiesel doesn't live with Survivor Guilt? You presented information about a possible motive of Hitler's, but I don't see how that connects to how Wiesel feels as a survivor.
      To your last question, as humans it's only natural to try to find a reason why the Nazi's performed such atrocities on a such a grand scale. Did they have just cause? Why were they so angry with the Jews? However, when I look at all those who were murdered including babies and children, there is NO reasoning or motive to justify such evil.

  2. Sorry for getting off topic I think Elie Weisel does not have survivals guilt but I do think he will obtain it at some point. After I learned today in class he wrote 47 books he is still trying to make since of it all I think its a question of time.

  3. I think Wiesel lives with survivors guilt because he wrote 47 books and have not even got to the main parts of what he thinks about the tradgedy while the two were talking it seems like his tone was kind of depressed by him talking very softly and remembering what he had to go through being back at the concentration camps Wiesel is older so I don't think he will every get over his survivors guilt but I think some people can get over it as long as they don't think about it or try to remember anything about it

    Kevin holston

  4. I think Wiesel lives with survivors guilt also because, while he was visiting the camp he stated Why was he the one that survived when there were babies who were killed instantly and they could have became the next founder for treating cancer or the next president or the next new celebrity. He also wishes his little sister made it out. The way he was using his tone in the story was like he was older why couldnt someone who were smarter than him, stronger than him make it out instead, Wiesel wanted to know what was so special about him that he overcame a tragic moment of his life.