Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Comparative Essay Help

Paragraph 1:
     A. Introduction:
         Introductory sentence, author and titles of both essays,  
          present the contrast in tones of each essay. 
       (see compare/contrast/transition words on pg. 170.)
Paragraph 2:
    A. Essay #1 - Give a brief synopsis of the essay. Explain 
       two types of tone used throughout the essay. Cite 
       evidence from the text with explanations as to why that 
       quote fits that specific tone word.  

Paragraph 3:
    A. Essay #2 - Give a brief synopsis of the essay. Explain 
       two types of tone used throughout the essay. Cite 
       evidence from the text with explanations as to why that 
       quote fits that specific tone word.  

Paragraph 4: 
     Conclusion Statement - 
A. How did the different tones of the essays affect your mood 
     as a reader, and your thoughts about the author?
B. Does Mora and Atwood's use of tone play a major part in 
    conveying their points? How? 
C. Would you have used the same tone if you were an author 
     writing about one country admiring another, or missing 
     being close to your family?

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  1. Kevin Holston
    Period 3
    Comparison Final Draft

    The two essays “Through the one way mirror” and “The Boarder A Glare of Truth” have the tones Sarcastic, Optimistic, Impassioned, and Farcial.
    In Margret Atwood’s essay “Through the one way mirror” The tones I came across we’re Sarcastic and Farcial. She was being sarcastic in the quote “They just go on during body language playing in the sandbox of the world bashing one another on the head and planning how to blow things up” Talking about Americans and how they just want to start wars with other countries and then plan to blow up their property. She also was being farcial in her essay. Atwood would try to mock Americans by saying “The Americans are the folks the ones in the sprawl mansion with the bad taste statues on the lawn”. As to say every American lives in big houses and put statues outside of their house. These are just two examples of her using this tone in the essay but she uses this a lot more in the essay. Atwood trying to compare the Canadian and American boarder and she mocks and talks bad about Americans gives me the idea that she was a Canadian author and has strong emotions towards the United States. Pat mora’s essay “The boarder a glare of truth” has the tones of Impassioned and optimistic. She was being Impassioned by saying in the essay “I knew I’d miss the pleasure of moving back and fourth between two languages”. Pat Mora also was optimistic in the essay when she says “On my first return to Texas I stopped to hear an group of mariaches playing their instruments with proud gusto” She was being cheerful by being able to hear some of her Mexican heritage music proudly and it reminded her of her family back home. These two quotes relates towards each word impassioned ans optimistic.
    The different tones of the essays affect my mood as a reader because in the first essay I felt Disrespected because Margret Atwood was mocking Americans and I am American so what she was saying was disrespectful to me. I think this author writes a lot of essay’s to try and be truthful but it disrespects and hurts some readers but appeals to other readers. Mora’s essay gives me the mood of joyfulness and sadness because I can connect moving to a different area and being away from family while missing the past but I feel joyful because some things are the same at the new area you’re at and it reminds you of the past and makes you proud. Mora and Atwood use of tone plays a big part in conveying their points because you can tell how each author feels about what they are stating in their essay and it helps the reader develop a mood for the essay. If the author I would use the same sarcastic tone for writing an essay about one country admiring another because the country that I was born in I would think that we have the right to do what we are doing to other countries and every other country is just trying to be like us. Writing a essay about missing being close to family I would use ore of a gloomy tone because everyone loves being close to family so if you are away from them then you would be sad and gloomy so I would use a gloomy tone so readers can relate to my essay.

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