Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pd. 4 Pre-Reading Activity: "Illegal Immigrants" & Borders

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  1. "most come across the border with a sandwich and the clothes on their back, what are the going to attack us with?" Some Illegal Immigrants Are Able To Smuggle Weaponry/Artillery Over The Border Aswell As Drugs.

    "we shud let the people come or help them out during there difficult times" Currently, Our Economy Is Not As Its Best To Support Incoming Population. Imagine If Your Parents Were Struggling Financially With Bills, And They Decide To Bring 4 People Into Your Household. Wouldnt Work, Right?

    "They could be a criminal, and we wouldn't know because there laws may be different from us" Cosign. (Tyrone Koehler-Jones 4A/B)